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As promised, thoughts #121-#125 from The Way: A Path Through the Universe ® . Enjoy.


THOUGHTS (#121-#125)

121.  Quiet propinquity breeds true intimacy.

122.  Chaos Theory cannot be negated in a closed system, only factored in.

123.  How to feel like a modern Roman emperor: run the NY Marathon. When you cross the 59th Street Bridge onto First Avenue, wave to the million cheering spectators. Shout “Caesar suscipiat ad ludos!” (I, Caesar, welcome you to these games!) Then prepare to be sent to Bellevue on a psychiatric hold.

124.  Never argue with a sous-chef wielding a skewer.

125.  If possible, propose to your partner on the Ponte Vecchio in Firenze.

NEXT WEEK: Thoughts, #126-#130

All excerpts from The Way: A Path Through the Universe ® © Andrew Mark Haines. All rights reserved