The song title “The Shape of Things to Come” is hardly an original title.

  • It can trace its lineage back to the 1933 H.G. Wells dystopian, sci-fi novel detailing the future history of Earth in the 22nd century.
  • In 1965, British supergroup The Yardbirds unleashed neo-futuristic guitar brilliance from Jeff Beck in their song “Shapes of Things” .
  • And of course, 1968 cult movie Wild in the Streets had something to say about the youth of the future. With a song called “The Shape of Things to Come”, of course.

So given, the prophetic connotations of the song title, was there any doubt that I would double down on the title when the time came? Not a one.

This was recorded in Los Angeles, with music composer extraordinaire, Michael Suby, and some other talented players.



Back some years ago, I was incredibly arrogant. I thought  I would generate a viral You Tube video to spearhead a grass roots movement. Little did I realize that this was little more than an aggregation of still frames, creatively faded and dissolved. Perhaps not even as exciting as thumbing through a J. Jill catalogue, but you be the judge.