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As promised, thoughts #61-#65 from The Way: A Path Through the Universe ® . Enjoy.


THOUGHTS (#61-#65)

61.  Best opening shot in cinema: Orson Welles’ 3:29 tortuous tracking shot in A Touch of Evil. Best closing shot in cinema: Bryan Singer’s low tracking shot on Verbal Kint’s (Kevin Spacey) gimped stride in The Usual Suspects; magically, it straightens out and we realize he is Keyser Soze.

62.  Children both remind and relieve us of our mortality.

63.  The deepest meditative state occurs in the infrasonic range of 432 megahertz.

64.  No one ever eats that last piece of cake, it simply disappears.

65.  Time travel will never be possible until scientists realize the universe is both vibratory and impossible to reconcile by string theory.

NEXT WEEK: Thoughts, #66-#70

All excerpts from The Way: A Path Through the Universe ® © Andrew Mark Haines. All rights reserved