About Us

The Frequency™ blog is part of the continuing evolution of the Infinity concept; a more personalized approach, if you will. Since I began the development of this ecumenical theme — back in 1990 — I have been besieged with questions from curious parties. At first, they saw it as some narcissistic exercise: a global make-over in my Image. However, as time went on, people began to realize that my questions had become theirs; there was entropy happening in the world, a loss of order. It was frightening to many — that their existence had gone off the rails, with no braking device in sight. Actually, it was only part of the natural order of things, the pendulum moving back to center from its extreme righting point. But nonetheless, the fear was palpable: I saw it at parties, in restaurants, in every city that I visited.

Eventually, my feelings had coalesced into a strong belief system. When I would air my views, they seemed strangely narcotizing to those who were tweaking on uncertainty and disorder. People would interact with me, and then look relieved; I had made them feel better. by speaking to the simple truth of things. That truth, stripped of its extraneous chaos and drama, is the essence of what we represent. The Haines companies stand for more than just simple commerce. We strive to perpetuate the unification and connectivity that the world needs and deserves. As we involve ourselves in more endeavors, we are mindful of the glorious framework of Mankind. Regardless of cultural differences, there are far more similarities than divergence in who we are. And who we will become.

So it is my pleasure to present The Frequency™ blog. I will be providing weekly excerpts from The Way, a book that educes questions about the universe — from microcosmic to macrocosmic in scope. Hopefully, you will enjoy its comments and supply your own. Feel free to shop at Momentum® Jewelry, and possess part of the magic of the Symbol of One. Joining it very soon, the Synergy® Clothing  line, another in Haines’ continuing representation of this powerful and mystical force.

In time, we shall be unveiling the Flow™ Platform. By utilizing disruptive technology in partnership with best-in-breed media and commercial outlets, we will marry the power of our Symbol with an unparalleled networking ability. We look forward in sharing this great adventure will all you explorers on the toll road of Existence.

See you down the road.