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As promised, thoughts #101-#105 from The Way: A Path Through the Universe ® . Enjoy.


THOUGHTS (#101-#105)

101.  Most perversely-named professional athlete: NASCAR driver Dick Trickle.

102.  While media throughput has progressed from the “last mile” (cable) to the “last inch” (the user keyboard/screen), it will eventually be reduced to “zero latency” as it is embedded in the human brain.

103.  Haines’ Wicked Genie Law of AI: once the genie of Artificial Intelligence becomes self-aware (transcendence), it ain’t never going back in the bottle.

104.  Most people dive into a gene pool and hit their heads on the concrete.

105.  There may be an Afterlife… but it is not in New Jersey.

NEXT WEEK: Thoughts, #106-#110

All excerpts from The Way: A Path Through the Universe ® © Andrew Mark Haines. All rights reserved